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Industrial Work Visa

Following Government Decision 4110 from August 12, 2018, the Ministry of Labor is expected to publish the procedure that regulates the permit application process for workers in the name of different industrialists, Avivim-Universe Inc. contracted with many of the major industrialists in Israel. Accordingly, it is in charge of handling and regulating workers’ permits, as well as absorption and housing services for the workers as they arrive in Israel.


Worker's Intake

We save you valuable time by taking care of the employees needs with all of the logistics involved

Comprehensive Support

Tailoring the business’ needs to the right type of permit. We offer personal contact person that is available to you during each step of the process

Personal Assistance

We grant immediate response to any issue related to the worker and application status, and provide personal contact and care for our clients’ changing needs

Handling and Obtaining a Permit

Collecting and editing of required documents, handling the application submission with various authorities in Israel and abroad

How does the process work

Tailoring the Type

of Permit According your Needs

Handling and Obtaining

the Permit

Workers’ Intake

Support and

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