About Us


Nitzanim Group specializes in bringing in foreign workers from all over the world for various Israeli industries, and in intaking and regulating the living conditions of the workers in Israel. Foreign workers come to work in Israel for a limited duration. They are employed in sectors where it is difficult to recruit workers from the local market, or in sectors that require a very specific professional skill that is not common among the Israeli workforce.

All of the foreign workers that we employ or bring via specialist visas arrive here legally, with time-limited work permits that change based on the industry and the specific permit.

The number of foreign workers permitted to come work in Israel in construction and hotels is determined by state institutions and government decisions. Foreign workers in the building industry and infrastructure arrive according to companies’ needs and requirements by submitting appropriate work permit requests.


Assignment and manpower services for foreign construction workers, as well as handling work permits for foreign workers specializing in the fields of heavy industry and hotels.


The company was established in 2003

Founder Eldad Nitzan

With 25 years of experience in human resources. A chairman of foreign workers’ employers union in the chamber of commerce.

Ownership Structure

The Nitzanim Group represents two central companies, each of which being a leader in the field of foreign workers employment in Israel in its own way.

Avivim-Universe: specializes in handling and regulating work permits for foreign experts for a myriad of companies in the Israeli market, under short and long-term specialist visas. In addition, we supply comprehensive services to some of the largest hotel chains in Israel regarding the needs of their foreign workers in Israel, which include, among other things: receiving the foreign workers at the airport, housing arrangements, close support of our field agents.

Narkisim: specializes in recruitment of foreign construction workforce to Israel as part of bilateral agreements. Narkisim is an established manpower company that employs about 1000 foreign workers from China and Eastern Europe in the leading construction companies in Israel. The company holds a vast and comprehensive logistic-administrative set-up, which includes a large team that handles all company and employee needs, both professionally and operationally

Mr. Nitzan engages in community work and philanthropy through various organizations:

Founding a recreational room in “Nitzanim” school in Tel Mond for children with special needs.

“Larger Than Life” for children with cancer.

“Giving Hope” - a national children assistance center.

“Ezer Mizion” non-profit organization.