Narkisim inc

Corporation for foreign manpower in the construction industry.

Narkisim ltd was founded in June 2005, upon the legislation of the Corporate Law, which permits only licensed companies to employ foreign workers in the construction industry, under permits issued by the Ministry of the Interior.

The owner and CEO is Eldad Nitzan, who has over 25 years of experience in the human resources sector, in general, and in the construction sector in particular.

Narkisim Inc. - leading company

Narkisim Inc. is a leading company in the field of employment of foreign workers in the construction industry, and it employs hundreds of professional foreign workers in all the areas of construction, and counting. The corporation is licensed to provide foreign personnel to registered contractors only. 

Narkisim Inc. provides foreign manpower services in various fields, including the building frame and finishing professions, with customers that include some of the major leading construction companies in the industry. Its customers include Tidhar Construction Ltd., Electra Construction Ltd., Ashtrom Engineering & Construction Ltd., Aviv, and many other leading companies in the industry.

The company has the ability to deliver, within a very short period, groups of professional workers, who provide quality and thorough services for large and small projects, both in the building framework and in the finishing stages of construction, and take care of all the logistics related with the accommodations provided to the workers, their medical insurance, and their wages.

The company operates a branch in Eilat that provides professional personnel to the construction companies that operate within Eilat and its surrounding areas.



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