Words from the CEO

Words from the CEO: 
The division greatly values service awareness and professionalism, and all that, in order to provide our customers with great professional tranquility and to avoid our customers the need to deal with ancillary issues, in order to enable our customers to concentrate on their activities in the best way possible, by achieving the following:

  1. Providing our customers the best range of employees in their field.
  2. Nitzanim Group provides its employees the best possible conditions, including the matter of adequate and proper boarding, in order to provide employees the best conditions in all areas, including in the medical aspect. All that out of believing that a satisfied employee provides the best productivity.
  3. Professional and skilled staff: Nitzanim group sees its administrative staff as an essential component in its success, the Group's employees find their work challenging, professional, and offering the ability to develop professionally, and operate with great dedication and high standards of service.



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