Avivim Universe inc.

Avivim Universe Ltd.

Avivim is a company specializing in the field of employing foreign experts who arrive to Israel, under a special expert visa. The company provides a comprehensive solution in terms of the logistic, administrative, organizational and legal services related with hiring expert workers.

Expert workers are foreign workers who arrive to Israel under a special expert visa to provide services to various unique sectors in Israel.

The expert workers arrive to Israel under a special permit granted by the State of Israel for the purpose of bringing foreign experts who cannot be recruited from the personnel pool located in Israel.

Avivim Ltd. handles all the administrative processes associated with obtaining legal permit for the arrival of expert workers to Israel, while in addition the company also provides logistic-organizational services to workers vis-a-vis the visa holder, related with accommodations, medical insurance and transportation of the workers from their residence to the work site. The services provided to the worker are comprehensive since our company incorporates everything under one roof. 



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